It's OK To Not Be OK!

October 11, 2018


It’s OK to not be OK!


Today is World Mental Health Awareness Day so let’s take a few minutes to talk about why its OK to not be OK!


There has been a stigma around mental health problems and illnesses for far too long and it is keeping people from reaching out and getting the proper support that they may need to help everyday life be a little more manageable.


Awareness is key.


Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental health problem or illness every year? That’s about 7 million of us. But despite how common it is, mental illness continues to be met with widespread stigma: in hospitals, workplaces, and schools; in rural and urban communities; even among close friends and families. It occurs around the world, not confined within national boundaries or cultural groups.

Read the full article from the Mental Health Commission Here


In fact, I grew up in a home where we rarely talked about mental health and if we did, it was stained with secrets, judgement and misinformation. This lack of awareness had me confused about what mental health even was. It wasn’t until I experienced my own crisis, that I began my search for answers and was faced with my own inner conflicts.


Suffer in silence or reach out and ask for help?


Thinking far back into my childhood, I remember watching my Mom ignore her mental health, which eventually led her down a very self-destructive path for many years.  

My perception was that asking for help was somehow a sign of weakness. This wasn’t something spoken about in so many words, but through non-action. Like they say, ‘ignorance is bliss’, right? Not so much!


Over and over again, I witnessed my Mom say she was ‘fine’ when she clearly was not fine. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this simple act was one of my first lessons in how to NOT honor my feelings. Even though this is not the lesson my Mom intended to teach me as she wasn’t even aware of the effect it would have on my life, it was a learned behavior that I carried with me and mimicked just the same.


I share this with you to bring awareness to the simple questions …


How many times have you said that you are fine, when you clearly are NOT?


One of the first, life changing decisions I made when I began my healing journey, is to acknowledge ALL of my feelings, not labeling them good or bad, just acknowledging and honoring whatever came up and then taking some kind of action to what feels better.



When I was at my breaking point, stressed to the max, and could not take one more sleepless night, I hired my first therapist. Although this wasn't easy for me, I made the decision that I wanted to feel happier and whole, more than I cared about the pain of what other people might think of me.


I learned a lot about myself during that time. I realized that all of the pain that I was holding on the inside was robbing me of my joy and dampening my spirit.


I wanted someone to tell me it was OK to not feel OK! I was tired of pretending. I wanted someone to take away the shame and the guilt that I felt.


In time, it helped. It felt good to feel supported. It felt good to not feel so alone.


I read somewhere that a therapist is not a person whom crazy people go to for help. It's someone sane people seek out when they realize that everything around them has gone crazy.


Since then, I've hired trauma specialists, life coaches and energy healers, all of whom have been a huge part of my amazing life transformation.


So when things are not feeling so fine, I have an awesome support network that I can lean on. I no longer feel the need to travel this road so alone.



Along with having created a phenomenal support network, I became very passionate about self care. This has been a result of honoring my feelings and in doing so, raised my level of worthiness.


Here are a few of my favorite happiness-infused, life-inspiring ways I show love to myself and keep my mental, emotional and physical self in balance.



Even if you just take 15 minutes a day, just for you, to do something that feels good, can make a world of difference.


We need to have the conversation around mental health more, and to not feel bad about it. We need to stop suffering in silence.


It is OK to not feel OK.


Our mental, emotional and physical health are ALL important.


No matter what you've been through, tomorrow is a brand new day.


So, if I can help just one person to know that it is OK to not feel OK, and that there is so much help and support awaiting you, and maybe, just maybe, you will take some kind of inspired action towards what feels better, then my task for today is complete.


To learn more about how meditation changed my life and improved my mental health, read here 


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Thanks for reading. If you feel like someone could use this message, please feel free to share. If you are someone who needs a safe, supportive, listening ear and you feel like want to reach out to me, please email, text or call me at (403)331-7687 and we can connect.


Sending out lots of love and healing prayers to those in need. Know that you are loved beyond measure.


Yours in Health and Happiness,






Marci Stockton is a Life Empowerment Coach who is passionate about helping you reach your highest potential by reconnecting to the truest part of yourself and most importantly, to value your health and your freedom. She wants to guide you on a journey of awakening and self-discovery, and to feel happy, healthy and whole.

She is an Integrative Health Coach, Reiki Level II Healer, Psych-K Facilitator, Mindfulness Stress Reduction Facilitator, Blogger & NWM Professional. She is on a mission to help you

Live Your Very Best Life!

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It's OK To Not Be OK!