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A Beginner’s Guide To Winning the Inner Game: 9 Stress-Busting Solutions To Finding Your Happy

February 22, 2018


This morning I was wide awake at 4:30am, 30 minutes before my alarm was set to go off. So, what’s a girl to do? Well, get up of course. Some of you reading this might think it sounds crazy, and yes, if you would’ve asked me just a few short years ago, I would’ve absolutely said the same thing. Boy, have things changed.


Mornings are my absolute favorite time of day. The quietest time, a time just for me, where nobody is needing me for anything and where I spend my time feeding my brain and nourishing my soul. Every morning I spend an hour or more on what I call my power hour. It's amazing how much taking this time for myself has influenced me in such a positive way.


This early morning wake up allowed me even more time for reading, which I LOVE!!!  ‘You Are A Bad Ass At Making Money – Master The Mindset Of Wealth’ by Jen Sincero is the inspiration for todays BLOG.


I must confess, I haven’t always been this way. I used to be the busy SUPERMOM, being everything for everybody, hardly ever taking a spare moment for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being a MOM, my children are my world. It’s just that, I seemed to make things much more difficult than they needed to be and the STRESS of it all was wreaking havoc on the inside.


When I did take time for myself, I would barely be able to enjoy it as the guilt would set in. There was always this feeling like there was something way more important that I had to do.


Deep down on the inside (not always consciously) they’re was a hidden belief, that everyone was more important than me.




I was a perfectionistic people pleaser who cared WAY too much about what other people thought of me. It was paralyzing at times, which often left me living in fear. Fear about making decisions, fear about hurting people’s feelings, fear about pissing people off, fear of people judging me, fear of being a failure, fear of not being good enough …


This left me feeling exhausted & overwhelmed, over weight, and way too stressed out! My body was tight, I would sometimes get snappy with my family and then I would guilt myself like I was the worst mother in the world.


One day I woke up and said ENOUGH! No more living in a big ol’ ball of stress!


I vowed that I would stop being so hard on myself for not living up to this SUPERMOM pie in the sky standard that I had created in my imagination. All I wanted was to be super happy on the inside and have an out pouring of love for everyone in my life, especially for my husband and kids.


For the first time, I realized that nobody out there could make me happy, that somebody had to be ME.


My daily goal was to begin by finding more joy in my life. To get to know myself better. I mean, I had 4 kiddos by the time I was 24 and if I had only one word to describe what most of my days looked like, the word I would choose is WHIRLWIND! Lots of fun and crazy days, with some days being survival of the fittest lol!


I could rarely go to the bathroom on my own without little footsteps following right behind me. How many of you ladies reading this can relate? All I knew was being a Mom - I had lost the connection to myself, as I find many Moms do.


Our families become our top priority, and there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than that. I know that finding a healthy balance can seem pretty unrealistic, but we need to at list give it the good old College Try.


This new outlook was very challenging for me. I was faced with some pretty tough decisions. I knew that if I was to find my happy, I had to do the work and let go of anything toxic in my life that was not serving me. This meant toxic people, thoughts, habits, career … anything that was going to stand in the way of me finding peace and joy within.




I also knew that I needed to start asking for some help, be kinder to myself, and learn how to use the all-powerful word NO!


Unlearning many of my habits and behaviors that had gotten me so stressed out in the first place became my quest.


Now back to the inspiration of the most awesomeness book, You Are A Badass At Making Money.


I am super excited to share with you the top 9 TIPS that I have learned along my journey and I’ll give you some of Jen’s take on them as well.


These savvy tips have radically changed my life and my wish is for you to open to the possibilities of what this Guide to Winning The Inner Game can do for you.  


Author, Jen Sincero says, “The more in-tune and in love you are with your awesome self, the less crap you will give about what your non-fans of yours think, the easier it will be to strut your strut, find your joy, and get on with the goodness of life.” I love this, and this is exactly what this guide will help you do. I can tell you from my own personal experience of following all 9 of these TIPS, that this is SO true.


As human beings, we will always have challenges to face. Friction is how we learn and grow, even when it is on the inside. Our job isn’t to rid ourselves of all uncomfortable moments, but to master how we respond to those moments.


Jen says “Step back for a moment and acknowledge that fact that you are alive. There was a time before you and there will be a time after you, but right now you are participating in the confoundingly glorious cartoon called Life on Earth. The life force known as Universal Intelligence is flowing through your meaty human body, making your blood pump, your mind think, your heart desire, your intuition tell you to look behind the toaster for the car keys you’ve spent half the afternoon searching for. This force that flows through you is the essence of who you are, it is the highest frequency there is – you are Universal Intelligence seeking expression on Earth through the you that is you. You are a valuable and irreplaceable asset to the Universe. You are mighty beyond comprehension. You are a badass.”




Now, let's get to it!




Meditation is food for your heart and soul. Sitting in purposeful silence allows you to emotionally connect to your highest self, the truth of who you really are, not the self that you may have created through years of limiting thoughts and beliefs.


Connecting to this truth, this powerful spirit energy, goes far beyond your five senses. The more you can feel into this, the more powerful, happy and at peace you will be.


Start with just 5 minutes a day. Sit down somewhere quiet where you won’t be interrupted, focus on your breath, and anytime a thought pops into your mind, you just refocus on your breath. Consistency is what makes this practice truly work as it is no easy task shutting off the noise in our head. If you like more information on a source for free guided meditation, reach out to me here.




The messages we tell ourselves daily are what is creating our present reality. This is why it is super important to be vigilant about the messages that we have playing on repeat in our own minds. One of the best ways to reprogram our mind is through the power of affirmations.


Take some time to pay attention to your thoughts, beliefs and words. Are they congruent with the life you want to live?


If you are not loving your present reality, you are going to want to change things up.


Rewriting new thoughts, beliefs and words is very powerful and it won’t be long before you notice a positive shift.


If you’d life to receive my free downloadable PDF of my favorite affirmations, reach out to me here.






Rushing around, always being in a hurry, wanting everything RIGHT NOW and complaining about it, blocks our intuition. It keeps us on an energy of high-strung and freaked out and robs us of our joy.


By slowing down, creating space for awareness in each moment, itallows us to enjoy our life a whole lot more.


Our lives are made up of tiny moments, and in each moment, we always have a choice, either high energy or low energy. What you do in each moment matters, so like Jen says, “Shut up, slow down, breathe, connect to your higher self, and act with intention.”


Remember, whatever we choose to put our focus on, we create more of in our lives.




We are all born with confidence, but somewhere along the way, some of us have buried it in our own self-loathing for whatever reasons, everyone has their own story.


Having confidence comes from a belief system about your self. To boost up your confidence, you have to treat it like a muscle and build it up.


Meditation, affirmations, having more patience and connecting to the Universal Energy are all ways to grow your confidence muscle.


One of the best ways to enhance your confidence is to do things that you are scared to do. See, how it works is, we are here to do in this life what we are usually scared to do. Whenever you are feeling afraid to do something, just rip off the band aide already and DO IT! Watch your confidence soar!!







One of the Universal Laws is the Law of Reciprocation. The more you give, the more you receive.


Serving others with your gifts is like giving a gift back to yourself.


Being in service can be a simple as paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru, letting someone go in front of you at the check-out line, or offering a smile to a stranger.


Whatever energy we put out, always comes back to us in some way, shape or form so if you want to be happy, make others happy.




Stop taking everything so personal, lighten up and for gosh sakes … Laugh more!


I am sure you have heard the saying, ‘Life is to be enjoyed, not endured!’


Having a crappy attitude isn’t serving anyone, so get over yourself already. Choose freedom and happiness over wanting to be right. Communicate your needs in way that feels good and Say NO to being a victim.


You always have a part in whatever is happening in your life, so may as well make your part THE MOST enjoyable part.




We are all so busy and serious all the time, that we don’t take the time to celebrate our awesomeness.


I remember when I first started my coaching practice. I was stepping out of my comfort zone in huge ways, embarking on a new journey of being in greater to service of others, and when I actually began enrolling new clients, I would jump up and down, run around the house like a crazy person, hug my daughter and shout Hallelujah from the roof top!! I was so excited to have the opportunity to grow my business by changing someone’s life. so celebrating it felt DAMN good!


If you do something amazing, don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back or a high five!!








Holding onto resentment and anger do more harm to yourself, than it does to the person you are angry or resentful with. It is another biggie that robs us of our joy and can even make us physically ill.


We hold on to the resentment, thinking the other person doesn’t deserve our forgiveness - meanwhile, we are punishing ourselves. Forgiveness is about you deserving peace, not necessarily about others deserving your forgiveness.


Self-Help Queen, Louise Hay, actually healed herself from an ‘incurable’ cervical cancer through the power of forgiveness, affirmations, visualization, nutrition, and other woo-woo type stuff instead of surgery and drugs. She believed she was holding onto resentment from a childhood rape and abuse and figured if she could choose to hold onto it, she could choose to let it go. Within 6 months she was cured and went onto to become an Ambassador of Self-Love and helping countless people heal themselves all around the world. You can check out her website here.




Just do your best to be a good person regardless of how many times you may have been wronged. The world needs less criticism and more love, so simply put, BE NICE.


Let the famous words of Gandhi ring through your ears, “Be The Change You Want To See In The World.”





Now that we've come to the end, I hope you can feel the message shared here:


Be aware of what makes you feel good and do more of that. Check in with your feelings, pay attention to yourself and make the conscious effort to give yourself what you need.


You are awesome, adorable and imperfectly perfect and deserve to be happy.



~Self Love means doing things that make you feel good~


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For more information about how I can help you become your best 'BADASS ' self, reach me via email me @ empoweredlivingnow101@gmail.com or you can private message, call or text me @ (403)331-7687.


Yours In Health And Happiness,

Marci Stockton




 Marci an Integrative Health Coach who Specializes in positive Life Transformations. She wants to guide you to have more confidence, live an authentic and purposeful life & really connect to your inner power, get healthy inside & out and live a limitless life of complete joy, freedom and happiness.


She is happily married to her high school sweetheart for 22 years and a mother to 4 beautiful children. Marci believes that life is to be enjoyed & laughter is always the best medicine. Marci is passionate about teaching people to value their health and freedom. She is a Certified Health Coach, Blogger & NWM Professional.


Her mission: To help you 'Live Your Best Life Now'!