Say Cheers To Ending Yo-Yo Dieting For Good!

January 25, 2018


The yoyo diet. For years men and women (especially women) have been on a quest to find the perfect weight loss diet. Always searching for that next quick fix, the one that promised the fastest results with the least amount of effort. How many of them have YOU tried? I know I’ve tried my fair share.


Like the cabbage soup diet, the lemon detox diet, the paleo diet, the grapefruit diet, shakes, potions and scum from the ocean … the list goes on.


For 20 years I was on the YO-YO. Gain weight, lose weight, gain weight, lose weight. Always keeping the pile of “bigger” clothes in the back of the closet for when those pounds would inevitably come back on.




The closer I came to the Big 4-0, the larger my pant size became. The weight was slowly creeping on and it just wasn’t coming off as easily as it once did. I had gotten myself to the point where I became the largest I had ever been (well, that is except for when I was expecting my twins haha!) and my confidence had taken a serious nose dive. I didn’t realize it at first, but I stopped wanting to socialize. I wanted to stay home and hide.


About 6 months before my 40th birthday, some friends of mine had been introduced to a line of ‘Healthy’ beverages, one of them being a weight loss coffee. When they first approached me about it, I wouldn’t even listen to what they had to say. I mean I LOVE coffee and I had some weight to lose but I had tried so many other weight loss gimmicks before - with none of them doing what they’d promised - I was so ‘done’ with all the B.S.


Secretly I started on a mission to show my friend that I didn’t need her stinkin’ weight loss coffee. I would lose weight the good old-fashioned way through healthy eating and exercise. Well, almost 6 months had passed, I was just weeks away from my BIG day, and I was only down a whopping 5 lbs!!! Meanwhile, my friend had lost 30lbs - 30” and looked about 20 years younger!!!


My friend Cathy




I made the decision to finally take off my ‘stubborn’ pants and asked her to come and tell me about this damn coffee!!


Since that day my life has radically changed!


See, we always have a choice in life. Stay exactly where we are or change.


I was ready for change.


If you are serious about changing your life, you'll find a way. If you're not, you'll find an excuse


Within the first year of getting started on the 12in24 plan, I had lost about 20lbs and 30” and I was feeling pretty amazing! During this time, I had done a couple of detox cleanses, was walking my dogs regularly, making healthier food choices most of the time and things were going pretty good.


Then something awakened in me and my amazing journey of self-discovery began. At first it was about showing up for myself, unlike ever before. Pushing my boundaries to see what I was truly capable of. It no longer was just about the weight loss, it became so much bigger than that. As I uncovered the lies I had been telling myself over the years, the ones that kept me playing small, feeling unworthy and not good enough, the layers of the onion slowly peeled away. Healing from my past hurts, letting go of what was not serving me and learning all about nurturing and loving myself at a soul level became a priority. WHOA! That is when the magic began to happen.


I was done hiding. Done sleep-walking through life and done with not living my life to the fullest.


I took the time to educate myself and began carving out time just for me.  Making myself a priority was new territory for this girl, and at first, It wasn’t easy. But I had made a commitment to myself that I was going to do whatever it takes to start living my very best life now, to show up for myself, honor myself and to simply follow my heart.  


The more love I showed myself, the more I cared about what I was putting into my body and how I was treating it. My relationship with food completely changed. The work to clean up my emotional issues, allowed me the freedom from stuffing my emotions (something I had gotten really good at over the years) and I no longer felt the need to ‘stuff’ food into my body that was not going to make me feel good.




Food became my fuel. The more in tune I became, I noticed which foods made me feel good and which foods made me feel like crap. My passion for eating nutrient dense foods that would give me energy and better focus grew stronger and stronger and foods that didn’t ‘feel’ good to me – foods like gluten and dairy and now sugar– I stopped consuming. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still love my wine and chocolate. I just don’t crave them as much anymore because I have found other healthier ways to soothe and nurture my body.  


I now follow the 80-20 rule. 80% of the time I eat clean, wholesome, nutritious, unprocessed food and still leave some room for ‘fun’ food in the 20% and I love it because I am love with the way that I feel.


I have made some major changes in my life over the past few years, but this past year I have grown exponentially. My vision has expanded. My purpose grew from changing my life for the better to wanting to make a much bigger impact on the world. That drive to get out of bed at 5am to do my morning self-care ritual that I’ve created, started to have more meaning. Becoming the shining example for my family and for other women going through the same struggles that I have been through became my driving force.


Empowering women (and men too) is now my life’s work. To discover what we are truly capable of when we fixate our minds on a specific outcome. Just look how far we can go.


In making these changes, I know for certain that I will NEVER have to YO-YO diet again. That’s what happens when you put your focus on creating a healthier lifestyle. One that not only feeds and nourishes your body, but one that also nourishes and feeds your soul.  Now, I am not saying you must take the same path as me to get off the YO-YO cycle.  I have made some pretty radical changes. What I am saying is this, if you are not happy where you are at, you have the POWER to change it. (If you have read my other blog posts, this may sound familiar)




Start by taking a good, hard look at the way you are currently living your life. What is working and was isn’t. Make a list. Pick one area that needs some adjusting and start there. There is no need to get overwhelmed. Focus on that one area and each day ask yourself, “What am I going to do today to show up for myself and move me in the direction of my goal?” Then, take action. One foot in front of the other. Day after day. Commit to showing up for yourself.


Ending the cycle of YO-YO dieting (and self-sabotage) takes time, energy, focus and most importantly forgiveness and acceptance.


I am still on my quest to becoming the happiest, healthiest version of myself – who’s ready to join me on my journey?


I can tell you with certainty, it is totally worth the effort.


YOU are worth the effort!


To find out more about my programs, products and coaching services, and about joining me on my journey, you can email me at or call me (403)331-7687 and start your journey of Living Your Best Life Now today!


Yours In Health and Happiness,





Marci is a Certified Health Coach who Specialises in positive Life Transformations. She wants to guide you to have more confidence, live an authentic and purposeful life & really connect to your inner power, get healthy inside & out and live a limitless life of complete joy, freedom and happiness.


She is happily married to her high school sweetheart for 22 years and a mother to 4 beautiful children. Marci believes that life is to be enjoyed & laughter is always the best medicine. She looks at the body as an integrated being, taking a holistic approach to healing the physical as well as energetic body. Friends & family are most important to her, She loves the outdoors and feels most at peace when she is in nature. She is a Certified Health Coach, Blogger & NWM Professional. Marci considers herself to be a learn-o-holic who also enjoys running, hiking, yoga and going for walks down by the river.


Her mission: To help you 'Live Your Best Life Now'!

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