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Taking Control Of Your Weight, Your Mood And Your Long Term Health

January 10, 2018


When I started on my journey back to better health, one of my health goals was to drop a few unhealthy pounds. Now, I realize that losing weight in a slow, more natural way is said by some to be healthier, but instinctively I knew that there was something on the inside keeping those extra pounds from falling off.


I was doing all the right things such as eating what I considered to be healthy most of the time, going for walks with my dog pretty routinely and drinking plenty of water ... so it left me asking, WHY-was-the-scale-stuck-on-the-same-ole-number?


After some discussion with my colleagues and then going back to what I had learned while studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I decided it was high time to do a detox cleanse.


The quote from Hippocrates comes to mind, "All Disease Begins In The Gut."


See, It wasn't just weight gain that I had been suffering from. I had ongoing, annoying allergies, weird skin rashes that would come and go, insatiable cravings for sugar, headaches, itchy ears, mood swings, poor sleep and a weekend immune system (which can all be caused by too much yeast in the body). Even though the supplements that I had been taking had helped clear up many of the issues that I had been struggling with, I still wasn't feeling like the pillar of health that I wanted to be.


Something my daughter said to me one day really stopped me in my tracks. "Mom, you always seem to be sick with a cold or something, aren't you supposed to be healthy?" I mean, here I am, a wellness advocate, preaching about holistic natural health and how the body wants to heal itself ... meanwhile I have all this "stuff" going on! It left me pondering, why the heck was this happening to me??  


Somewhere along the way I had gotten so busy with work and taking care of my family, that I had let these symptoms go ignored, even though I knew better.


After doing several spit cup tests and a review of the symptoms, I believed I was battling Candida Albicans.




What is Candida Albicans you might be wondering if you've never heard of it before? In easy terms, it's an overgrowth of yeast in our gut that can cause an array of unhealthy symptoms in the body. We are all supposed to have a healthy amount of yeast, as it helps with digestion and nutrient absorption, but there are many outside factors that can cause the yeast to begin to over-grow. Things like taking antibiotics, being on the birth control pill, consuming excessive carbs, sugar & alcohol and chronic stress can all be major culprits.  In a nut shell, too much yeast in the body causes toxins to be released which then can develop into inflammation, digestive issues (leaky gut, IBS, ulcerative Colitis, just to name a few) and even depression.




So, back to my decision to do a Detox Cleanse and get rid of this nasty monster that had been growing in my body once and for all! Off too the health food store I went to pick up a cleanse kit. One filled with an anti-fungal to make those suckers DIE as well as a good pro-biotic to help replenish the good gut bacteria and restore balance back in my gut. After the health food store, it was off to the grocery store to pick up a cart full of non-starchy vegetables and lean meats. It was a full on 14 day cleanse of eating an all natural, whole food, plant based regime, which meant no processed food and NO SUGAR. PERIOD.


What happens when you start a cleanse like this, especially if you've never done one before OR if it's been a while since your last detox, is some pretty crazy "die-off" symptoms can happen. I would love to tell you that the whole experience reminded me of rainbows and butterflies, but then I wouldn't be telling you the truth. The first three days sucked. I had a splitting head-ache, I felt nauseated and all I wanted to do is crawl into bed, pull the covers up over my head and completely shut myself off to the world. Sounds appealing, right? Just stick with me here. It gets better. I promise.


By day 4 the headache, nausea & cravings were gone. My brain fog lifted. I felt lighter & more free which got me super excited to see how I was going to feel by the end of the cleanse. The first 3 days were tough and I would definitely say that you MUST have a strong desire to leave where your are at knowing that when you come out on the other side it will be so much better. It takes PERSERVEARANCE.



While on the cleanse, I lost about 5 lbs and almost 10" overall. I felt amazing and I am very thankful that I had the strength to finish. What I am most excited about is the ripple effects that has continued to happen as a result of me giving my body the love and the tools that it needed to clean up my gut.


Since I first did the initial health food store cleanse my company has come out with a an amazing gentle cleanse, one that doesn't leave you with the feeling like you need to go out and slash some tires!!! It is super-duper effective as it has the best-of-the best probiotics, amazing detoxifiers AND does an amazing job of ridding the body of ALL those toxins and nasty yeast. My gut is right back to its nice and healthy  balanced environment. I have done 3 rounds so far and I am feeling the best I have ever felt in my life.


I am super excited to report that I no longer have allergies, no more funky skin rashes, cold and flu season, WHAT'S THAT?  I rarely get headaches, I have better digestion, increased energy, improved quality of sleep, I am happy as a clam (most of the time-come on ... I'm not perfect!), glowing skin, improved metabolism, reduced belly fat, and although I do have the odd treat from time to time I feel like my sugar cravings and my addiction to sugar has finally been kicked to the curb!



I am finally on track to being the happiest, healthiest version of myself which leaves me with a feeling of tremendous satisfaction and accomplishment. I feel like my whole world has changed. I have been able to maintain a weight that I am happy with and I have added many other healthy habits to my lifestyle along the way. I would definitely say with certainty, that cleaning up my gut was one of the best decisions that I could have made for my overall wellbeing.


So, to recap, here's what may happen when you embark on the journey to improve your gut health (which includes detoxing and taking a really good pro-biotic):

*Improved sleep

*Rid stubborn belly fat

*Reduce hunger and cravings

*Better skin quality

*Fix Digestive Issues

*Improved heart health

*Increase natural energy levels

*Boost your immune system and metabolism

*Alleviated allergies and skin rashes (even eczema and psoriasis)

*Better hormone function

*Reduced inflammation

*Improved mood, and so much more!

Are you ready? Are you open to the possibility of getting back to doing all the things that you love (because you'll be feeling like a ROCKSTAR)!! If you answered YES, then be sure to reach out to me at empoweredlivingnow101@gmail.com


Taking control of your weight, you mood and your long-term health takes a commitment to yourself, but YOU are so totally worth it my friend!


Not only that, but it is a great time to get rid of the holiday weight and start yourself off fresh for the New Year!


Speaking of the New Year, I am really excited to be hosting a GOAL SETTING  - NEW YEAR NEW YOU webinar on January 23th, 2018. If you are ready to start your New Year off with a bang, I am here to support you. Send me a private message or shoot me an email to request MORE INFO and get yourself signed up for that.


If you want to learn more about my coaching programs where I can help you reach your goals of better health and happiness feel free leave a comment, I always reply back. You can also reach out to me at empoweredlivingnow101@gmail.com or book a FREE Breakthrough Session here. I look forward to hearing from you.


My Best To You,

Marci Stockton



I am a Certified Health Coach who wants to guide you to have more confidence, live an authentic and purposeful life & really connect to your inner power, get healthy inside & out and live a limitless life of complete joy, freedom and happiness.


I am happily married to my high school sweetheart for 22 years and a mother to 4 beautiful children. I believe that life is to be enjoyed & laughter is always the best medicine. I look at the body as an integrated being, taking a holistic approach to healing the physical as well as energetic body. Friends & family are most important to me, I love the outdoors and feel most at peace when I am in nature. I am a Certified Health Coach, Blogger & NWM Professional. I am also what I like to call a learn-o-holic who also enjoys running, hiking and going for walks down by the river.


My mission: To help you 'Live Your Best Life Now'!










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